Magic Box Shoti Maa Tea Sampler & Gift box organic, 12 teabags

Magic Box Shoti Maa Tea Sampler & Gift box organic, 12 teabags

The Magic Box offers you all 12 Shoti Maa Teas in a beautifully designed sampler & gift box – twelve delicious cups of organic herbal tea - sample the graceful life with Shoti Maa!

The Magic Box is a sampler, containing each of the twelve Shoti Maa flavors. While it affords the opportunity to investigate the entire line, the Magic Box also presents well on its own as a timeless design with a clear brand presence. As with all Shoti Maa teas, each tea bag is individually sealed.

The Shoti Maa ‘Magic Box’ opens like a small treasure chest. The tea bags are separated into 2 sections: Each section with one of the varieties of the Shoti Maa lines, Chakras & Elements.There is also a small Inspiration Card for collecting or gifting. In the shelf or a cupboard, the Magic Box has a similar size like the other Shoti Maa packages.

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Buddha Box Te -  One with everything
Buddha Box - One with everything
Antal i lager: 2
Face the Moment!  Hari Tea, 10 teabags organic
Face the Moment! Hari Tea, 10 teabags organic
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Chaga (Inonotus obliquus L.) Sprängticka  - Torkade Bitar
Chaga är ett te som består av torkad sprängsticka.
Antal i lager: 21
Meditation Te Tula
Meditation Te Cosmoveda Bio /Eko,
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Kapha Te Cosmoveda - Bio
KaphaTe Cosmoveda Bio /Eko,
Pitta Te Cosmoveda - Bio
Pitta Te Cosmoveda Bio /Eko,
Loving - Green Tea, Cinnamon & Earl Grey Tea
We are connected through the heart. Whatever happens with you happens with me. We are ripples in...
Antal i lager: 2
Delighted - Ginger & Lemon Tea
Free, my mind is free.
Antal i lager: 2
Talk to Me - Lavender, Licorice & Mint Tea
We communicate our truth - share our creations.
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Sanctify - Ginger, Fennel & Cinnamon Tea
To be in the moment, I eliminate distractions.
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In the Mood - Hibiscus, Orange & Pepper Tea
I feel the flow of life; the currents of love and excitement run between us. Kiss me.
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 I Am - Sage, Ginger & Elderflower Tea
I feel the Earth. This is the planet I was born to – I spring from it. If I wiggle my toes, I can...
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