Torben Thøger - Akasha

Torben Thøger - Akasha

AKASHA is innovative music, which is composed and produced in both Denmark and Spain, and the participating musicians and choir members come from all over the world. It is international music for a comprehensive audience, because Torben Thoger succeeds in mixing genres like symphonic rock with chill out, lounge, flamenco, jazz and classical music into a unique musical experience.

Composer and artist Torben Thoger enjoys international success with his beautiful and powerful new age music. Torben has composed and produced original music since the 1970s in various styles for film, television, musicals, multimedia and his own productions. His latest 4 albums, in the new age music genre, called "AKASHA", "Harmony", "The Present" and "PRIMAVERA" are now released in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil, India and Scandinavia. For months his music has been on top of the charts in the USA and India. All music on the mentioned albums is composed, arranged and produced by Torben Thoger. The Danish composer and artist now lives permanently in Spain. As a filmmaker Torben also produces: Corporate promotional films, commercials, documentaries & music videos.

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