Hanuman Staty Stor

Hanuman Staty Stor

Hamuman staty av mässing
Vikt:c.a 3,3 kilo
mått: c.a 33x16cm

Hanuman is pure devotion, humility and strength – He is the perfect being. But what does the term hanuman mean? It is believed that Hanuman got His name after being struck by the Vjara Ayudha (thunderbolt) of Indra on his jaw while attempting to snatch the Sun. Thus Hanuman means ‘one with a broken cheek.’

Some scholars and saints are also of the opinion that Hanuman means manifested existence of Supreme Consciousness that permeates in all.

Ha means ‘Supreme Spirit.’ It is also another name of Lord Shiva.
Nu means ‘that which permeates’
Man means ‘manifested’

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