Thai herbal stamps for body massage - 1st

Thai herbal stamps for body massage - 1st

Thai herbal stamps are used for diminishing pain and promoting the blood flow, by using warmth and herbs directly on the body. These stamps will relax stiffness in muscles, making them souple again. Because of the various herbs, these stamps have a strong, spicy perfume.

Dip two stamps in a bowl of water, next heat the herbal stamps 2 to 3 minutes in a microwave or steamer (15 minutes). Check first the warmth of the stamp on the back of your hand, before applying it to the body. Start with massaging the large and irritated muscle groups. Then, apply the warm herbal stamp directly on the skin, on those problem areas. The warmth will relax the irritated muscles and helpt opening up the pores, so the herbs will be easier absorbed by the skin. Tip: keep 1 stamp warm by wrapping it in alu foil, or reheat it only 10 minutes later. Use a rolling technique, or press softly during the whole treatment and continue rolling on the energy lines, relieving blocks and balancing your patient. A herbal stamp can be used for 2 to 5 minutes, depending of room temperature. Usually, one uses 2 herbal stamps per treatment, alternating one with the other. As soon as the first cools off, put it back into the microwave or in the steamer, and use the second stamp instead. When using 2 herbal stamps like this, the whole treatment may last for around 15 to 30 minutes.

Dimensions ±17 cm
Weight ±150 g

Ginger Purpuream Rose, Alpinia Nigra B.L. Burtt, Cassia Alata L, Cymbopogon Uintesianus Jowitt, Curcuma Amada, Leaves Tamarindus Indica L.,Leaves Buahinia Retusa, Leaves Acacia, Leaves Nibuhria Siamesia, Leaves Crinum Asiaticum, Leaves Pandanus Ordorus, Borneol, Camphor.

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