Aurolite - 23  -Naturlig Spets

Aurolite - 23 -Naturlig Spets

Aurolit - Naturlig Spets

Längd: 65 -75mm
Bred: 18 - 25mm
Vikt: ca. 30 - 39grams

Auralite-23 innehåller 23 olika mineraler, främst ametist, citrin och grön kvarts, men även spår av titan, cacoxenit, lepidokrosit, ajoit, hematit, magnetit, pyrit, goetit, pyrolusit, guld, silver, platina, nickel, koppar, järn, limonit, svalerit, covvelit, kalkopyrit, gialit, epidot, bornit, rutil och malakit.

This crystal is a very rare type of amethyst that can only be found in one place in the world: Canada. Each piece contains a combination of about 2 to 7 different minerals from a list of 23. This stone is estimated to be around 2.4 Billion years old & to have come from a time when everything had melted into a solution due to heat from impacting comets. Some of the 23 different minerals that have been found in Auralite are Silver, Gold, Platinum, Hematite, Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Malachite & more!

Today, it is being called by many as the most powerful crystal to have ever been discovered. It removes the “ticking clock”, replacing it with calmness & deep thoughtful insight. It allows the body to relax & removes tension, headaches, eye strain, stress & muscle pain. Auralite tones down anger & hot tempers. It also raises mindfulness & teaches to think before doing. This stone is also known as the “Ultimate Master Healer” due to its powerful healing properties. The sheer amount of elements found in Auralite is enough to ignite positive changes in a person’s soul. It creates a bridge to the divine & serves as an open channel to the angelic realms & the universe.

It can facilitate connection with spirit guides & bring harmony to your life like you’ve never felt possible before. Auralite works like a magnet, attracting opportunities, situations & people one needs in order to grow as a spiritual being. Work with this stone slowly & get used to it for a time, as it sweeps away debris from your consciousness. It will bring to awareness both the best in you & what you need to improve so you can grow & strive towards your full potential. Just being alone with the stone, is enough for healing to begin. Hold Auralite-23 at both the crown & heart chakras to create a powerful flow of energy that will balance all 7 Chakras. Auralite crystals are known for being one of the only crystals that intertwines with a person’s soul creating a mutual bond of companionship, affection, loyalty, mentorship & friendship.

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