Da Vinci tarot (bok 144 sidor + 78 kort)

Da Vinci tarot (bok 144 sidor + 78 kort)

Da Vinci tarot (bok 144 sidor + 78 kort)
Denna fantastiska tarotlek är illustrerad med bilder från Leonardo da Vincis anteckningsböcker, teckningar och skrifter. Han var en av renässanstidens genier med en profetisk vision av ”saker som skulle komma”.

Tolka ditt eget öde med hjälp av nya spännande läggningar som bygger på bland annat Leonardos kända teckning av den vitruvianska mannen, hans iakttagelser om orsak och verkan, samt det gyllene snittet och andra matematiska principer för att kasta ljus över din frågeställning.

Notes to this deck point out that from 1482 - 1499, Leonardo was employed at the court of Ludovico Sforza, of Milan. This was the court that, so far as anyone can tell, had invented the modern tarot deck some 40 years earlier. Giordano Berti, who wrote the notes, wants to believe that Leonardo was definitely familiar with the Tarot and perhaps even had the chance to learn its complex rules even though he never designed a deck.... This seems a bit unlikely to me, given there was probably only one viable deck at any given moment (hand-painted decks are expensive), it was in the possession of royals, it was not frequently used, Leonardo (whatever his other accomplishments) was a commoner, one who, unlike his near contemporary, Benvenuto Cellini (1500 - 1571), seems to have shown no interest in the occult. With a 17 year stay in Milan, I think it likely he knew of the deck, but I doubt it went much further than that. As far as Leonardo designing a deck, he would have been, in effect, copying some other artist's work - an artist who might well have been known to him (if not, alas, to us). Leonardo's talent was too great for mere copying, and at any rate miniaturists, then as now, were considered second rate artists. Which is a pity. Miniature portraits are a most demanding craft in their own right. Miniaturization reached a pinnacle of development in the early 19th century, about 20 minutes before photography overwhelmed it.

This is otherwise a fine deck, in the traditional tarot format

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