This is a quality multi-purpose drum, easily carried and perfect for small groups and drumming circles. The drum has been turned from a single piece of wood and has professional quality, pre-stretched nylon stringing and a thick, natural goatskin head for a long life and a mellow tone.

Färg och Motiv På Trummorna Kan vara olika men Kvalitet är alltid Bra! Handgjörde på Bali, Indonesia

Brukanvisning / Skötsel:

1. Store your drum in a warm, dry place away from direct heat or sunshine. You can keep your drum in a water repellent nylon padded drum bag or simply wrap it in a special cloth or animal hide;

2. Protect your drum from moisture. When your drum gets wet, the wood swells and the rawhide sags. You can clean your drum by rubbing it softly with a slightly damp cloth;

3. Never leave your drum in the car for any length of time in extreme heat or cold as this can split the head. Leaving your drum in direct sunlight for any length of time can also make the drum's head split;

4. When the humidity is high, you can restore the tone of your drum by heating it slowly with a hair dryer, in front of a fire, or on a heating pad. Avoid heating the skin to a temperature that is too hot to touch. You can preserve the tone of a drum by putting it in a tightly closed plastic bag;

5. In high-humidity areas, some people put some kind of a natural conditioner on their drumheads once a year. You can rub a light coating of lanolin or neatsfoot oil into the back of the drumhead and on the cords. Your drum will stay in tune longer and absorb less moisture;

Djembetrumma - Deep carved - 70cm
Bred ca. 34cm
Antal i lager: 2
1 695:-1 995:-
Djembetrumma - Deep carved - 60cm
Bred ca. 28cm
Antal i lager: 2
1 450:-1 795:-
Djembetrumma - Deep carved - 50cm
Bred ca. 24cm
Antal i lager: 3
Djembetrumma - Deep carved - 40cm
Bred ca. 19cm
Antal i lager: 2
Djembetrumma - Deep carved - 30cm
Bred ca. 16cm
Antal i lager: 2
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This is a fine qulaity multi-purpose drum, easily carried and perfect for small groups and...
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